José Maldonado "Cíclope", Festival Proyector

14º Festival Proyector |

08.09 > 09.10.2021 | Madrid · Pelayo 68 | Aural | |

Under the title "Cíclope", Aural presents a selection of video projects of motion_picture made by the artist José Maldonado throughout more than twenty years (1998 / 2021).
The various video projects are developed as a reflection process and an analysis of matters that the artist has been considering and working with throughout his life: the issues and the formalization of language, the connection between signs and meaning, epistemological matters and, especially, the relation between the human being and the process and procedures of abstraction and the poetics of images.
The different video projects which belong to this selection, experiment, through a diffracted relationship, the intra-relation between text and image and the potential and various configurations resulting from that tautness or internal product; the possible states of the same information particle and the inevitable intertwinement that derive from this circumstance.
Some of these projects were made out of focus, approached as syntax experiments that allow the development of works in other materials and formats. They are, therefore, and above all, an intimate and sincere reflection that shows the way of doing by the autor.

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