Beatriz Dubois "The Weight of a Stone Hides a Mountain"

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Beatriz Dubois (Madrid, 1991) uses photography and the archive to reflect the duality in the meanings of images and words; the paper and the different formats that photography can acquire; its weight, touch and context. Her work reflects the relationship of the individual with nature, the search for an own identity, the link of the human being with the exterior and with himself, the leisurely contemplation of art versus the massive consumption of images or the use of dualities and analogies as the conceptual basis of her work.

This exhibition shows a set of works related to the materiality and meaning of the environment and the city. “I have been analyzing and observing the (literal and symbolic) weight of images for some time, and portraying stones and mountains as a metaphor for my own identity. After my visit to the hotel to carry out the archival exercise, I found next to the towers a scene that I have wanted to reproduce in my work: The weight of a stone supported an artificial braided canvas that hid a mountain”. The result is decontextualized images, some taken with her Leica camera and others from the archives, which acquired meaning as a whole, using volatile and resistant braided sacks as a support, which veil or reveal.

Both images and bags were created for purely functional purposes. The image archive comes from illustrative books for educational or informational purposes, along with photographs she has taken of mountains, as a record. The bags are made to carry products or debris. The union of it allows you to explore the use, weight, meaning, transparency and importance of the materials, objects and subjects that surround us. A series of stones/objects that have derived from the same processes accompany these works.

Graduated in Advertising and Public Relations from the CEU San Pablo University and graduated in professional photography from the EFTI School of Photography and Image Center, Dubois uses photography as the basis of her work and paper as a support for analog collages and compositions. Her work is part of important private collections such as the Himalaya Collection, the Campocerrado Collection, the Alicia Aza Collection or the Entrecanales Collection, among others, and has been exhibited in more than a dozen individual and collective exhibitions, such as “Decisive moments in photography. Julian Castilla Collection” (2018), Museum of the Passion, Valladolid; "Inside" (2017), WE COLLECT, Madrid; "Beatriz Dubois" (2017), FERIARTE, Madrid; “Lux Infucatus”, Kreisler Gallery, Madrid; “Talk” (2018), WE COLLECT, Madrid; or “Talk”, WE COLLECT, London.