Chidy Wayne "EGO"

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The series Ego (from the Latin, "I"), addresses the internal dialogue through the expressive capacity of the hands. These open palms, understood as mirrors and a means of exploration, symbolize the reflective testimony of an intimate conversation. Chidy Wayne (Castellón, 1981) is a multidisciplinary artist who works in various media, including painting, sculpture, illustration, and music. In search of a piece where the superfluous is left aside to delve into drawing, Chidy Wayne creates a work with a minimalist and gestural style, as well as a personal code of signs and motifs of great symbolic significance. His drawings, the result of a long philosophical reflection, are created with quick and determined strokes that present universal and timeless themes such as existence, identity and internal conflict. Wayne's pieces are influenced by the artistic avant-garde and by ancestral and cultural elements, which gives his drawings a certain primitive character, although urban art and contemporary forms are also present in his style.