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The work of Francisco Suárez (León, 1965) especially focuses on the autonomy of painting, the physical and perceptual presence of the pictorial object.
Each work is, above all, a declaration about itself. They are formed by chromatic and visual incentives, and they are composed by numerical relations.
But the artwork is not a mathematical equation. Besides the frigidity that the geometrical can lead to, his work preserves a certain mysterious impulse from what it spontaneously emerges from the act of painting.
Thus, his characteristic fields of lines are born from a process close to the action painting since paint drops, carefully placed by the artist, flow through the surface.
This way, the images acquire a special vibration and an absence of rigidity that eases the interaction with the look of the spectator.
Doubtlessly, the appeal of his work is also thanks to the exquisite use of color. It does not want to produce a cold and rational structure but to obtain appealing presences.
The geometric purity serves as a means to access the field of self-knowledge to a state perhaps close to contemplation.