Carla Fuentes "Flores rotas"

Have you ever bought fresh flowers and placed them in a vase, taking painstaking care of them? Have you tried to care for them and keep them radiant, only to watch them wilt no matter your efforts? So have I. But in the end, no matter how much we protect them, time wears away their splendor. So it is with human relationships as well. No matter how hard we try to care for them, the passage of time withers them. In "Broken Flowers", you will find a tribute to the human portrait and figurative painting, an invitation to contemplate the beauty of the classic through a contemporary look. Through these portraits, I seek to capture the essence of these peculiar and transitory connections. The expression of the male gaze is intertwined with the delicacy and ephemeral beauty of flowers. Each brushstroke is an attempt to capture human complexity and vulnerability. Why do men give flowers and use them as a symbol of reconciliation? Perhaps it is because they recognize that, like flowers, relationships are fragile and require constant attention. Flowers become our way of saying "I'm sorry" and reminding the other that we are willing to start over. In each withered petal, there is hope for a new beginning. With a degree in Fashion Design from the EASD and in Fine Arts from the Universidad San Carlos de Valencia, Carla Fuentes (Valencia, 1986) has created visuals and album covers for bands and solo artists such as Polock, Russian Red, Hewel, Ariel Pink haunted graffity, Las Robertas, Little Wings or La Habitación Roja, among others. She has been one of the few Spanish artists to participate in the exhibition 'Obey Icon Tour' organized by the artist Shepard Fairey and is the youngest to appear in volume number 5 of "Illustration Now" by Taschen, which is considered the biannual bible of illustration in the world. Drawer and illustrator, the artist is filling the walls of the new art collectors with a precious ugliness based on acrylics, waxes and graphite. She has also worked for brands such as Nike, Kling, Pull&Bear, Gandía Blasco, Women'secret, Bimba&Lola, Myspace or, recently, for the Absolut Mode Society. Her work has been published in magazines such as Esquire, El País Semanal, Vanidad, Vogue, Naif Magazine, Union Mag (Japan) or Nylon, as well as in newspapers such as Le Monde (France). Carla Fuentes has painted the aesthetic life of a whole generation of young people.